IÉSEG and RUBIKA are joining forces to create a joint Bachelor’s programme integrating Management, Technology and Design, starting in September 2024. It will be deployed on the IÉSEG campus in Lille and on the RUBIKA campus in Valenciennes, and students will have an international experience on the RUBIKA campuses in Pune, India, and Montreal, Canada.

A rich and growing cooperation

Both providing quality training recognised in France and internationally, IÉSEG and RUBIKA are leaders in their respective fields of expertise: management and administration on the one hand, video games, animation, and design on the other.

The first joint project between IÉSEG and RUBIKA dates back to 2020. At that time, 4th year students from IÉSEG joined RUBIKA’s « Steam » programme, in which students from each institution work together to imagine, code, and market video games, the most successful of which are distributed on the Steam platform, the leading online video game distributor. This joint initiative between a gaming school and a management school was a first in France. The enthusiasm of the students for this experience and the quality of the work demonstrated the value of this programme, which saw its 3rd edition conclude at the end of January 2023.

At the end of 2022, RUBIKA and IÉSEG decided to strengthen their promising partnership by offering their respective students the opportunity to take part in the partner institution’s electives at the Master’s level of each school. Thus, for a few weeks now, around twenty RUBIKA students have been following a selection of electives offered by IÉSEG, such as Digital Leadership and Innovation or The Economics of Artificial Intelligence, and around twenty IÉSEG students are following electives offered by RUBIKA, such as Ethics Design or Machine Learning.

It is therefore fitting that the two institutions have taken this a step further by opening a 3-year Bachelor’s programme in September 2024, entitled « Bachelor in Management and Tech Design », co-designed, co-taught, and co-supported by the two institutions.

« Our two institutions, non-profit associations under the French law of 1901, combine excellence, humanism, and solidarity in the service of young people and society. We promote interdisciplinarity, international and intercultural openness, and pedagogical excellence by relying on high-level professors and lecturers acclaimed for their expertise. Sharing a common vision and values, the strengthening of our partnership seemed natural to us« , explains Stéphane ANDRÉ, CEO of RUBIKA.

A complete programme that meets the expectations of companies

The Bachelor in Management and Tech Design, taught entirely in English, is designed for both French and international students. It responds to the expectations of students who wish to acquire this dual competence in Management and Technology in the service of design as well as to the evolutions of the job market, which are reflected in a growing need for hybrid profiles. Thus, start-ups, scale-ups, and large companies accelerating their digitalization are the main opportunities for this Bachelor’s degree.

In fact, this programme will offer future graduates solid and operational training in Management, Economics, Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Programming and Design. It will combine technological expertise and business management based on a project-based pedagogical approach leading to the acquisition of applicable knowledge. The international dimension, the ability to work in intercultural teams, the integration of technology and management, and employability will be the main themes of this training. Thus, out of the 6 semesters of study, 2 semesters will take place on the Canadian (Montreal) and Indian (Pune) campuses of RUBIKA.

Academic excellence, international openness, but also a close relationship with the business world, whether in the teaching, the projects, or the internships, will ensure the best possible professional integration of future graduates. The Bachelor in Management and Tech Design relies both on a high-level international academic body and on numerous professional contributors, reputed for their expertise. They will not only be involved in the teaching process through lectures but will also regularly offer students coaching sessions, personal development sessions, and support in their reflection on their career path and their search for internships and jobs. Finally, three internships (of 1 month, 2 months, and 6 months at the end of each year, i.e., a total of 9 months of professional experience at the end of the course) will be mandatory in order to receive the Bachelor in Management and Tech Design diploma, awarded jointly by the two institutions.

« This partnership is in line with the School’s strategic plan of offering an interdisciplinary programme that provides complementary knowledge and skills in management, technology, and design that are increasingly sought after on the job market. At a time when companies are undergoing a digital transformation, the launch of this Bachelor’s degree with RUBIKA makes perfect sense. Offering training in digital and technological skills at the same time as a solid foundation in management meets the expectations of both students and companies, and it is now essential. Entrepreneurs, but also large companies, whether industrial or service-oriented, need these cross-disciplinary skills to support their development projects with high-tech stakes », concludes Caroline ROUSSEL, General Director of IÉSEG.