A school

of digital creation

« Make a profession out of your passion ! »

For 30 years, RUBIKA has been training high-level artists perfectly adapted to the requirements of the professional world, which has allowed us to become a reference in the fields of 3D animation, video games and industrial design.

Our school is based on a simple principle: to support students in their creative vocation, to make their passion a profession. This historic promise guides us in the changes that our market is experiencing, both culturally and technologically.

Your success requires the acquisition of a great technical mastery. Added to this requirement is the ability to work in teams on difficult projects requiring a large individual and collective investment. Finally, students must know and feel the trends of society in order to be authors of original thinking and quality. They will then have all the necessary background to become major players in video games, 3D animation or industrial design.

RUBIKA is also an international presence with 3 campuses and many partnerships abroad. The international dimension has become essential for our businesses. This is evidenced by our network of 3,500 alumnis, nearly half of whom work internationally in more than 50 countries.

Finally, RUBIKA is proud to count on high level speakers, a committed team and passionate students who for 30 years have been the success of our school.

If you are passionate and you want to try a personal and professional adventure, our different programs await you: Supinfocom for Animation, Supinfogame for Video Game, ISD for Industrial Design. Do not hesitate to try your luck by registering for one of our competitions.

Stéphane André
Chief Executive Officer

Montréal and Pune

+1200 students
on 3 campus

+3850 alumnis
in +50 countries

+800 awards
in 30 years

+100 professionnal teachers

44% of expatriated alumnis

+300 industrial partners

+20 universities partner


RUBIKA was born from the grouping of three pioneering schools of digital creation: the Higher Institute of Design (1988), Supinfocom (1988) and Supinfogame (2001). Created by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Greater Hainaut, these schools have distinguished themselves by setting up a pedagogy closer to the needs of businesses.

Present on 3 campuses in Valenciennes (France), Montreal (Canada) and Pune (India), RUBIKA enjoys a solid recognition of the professionals of the animated cinema, the video game and the industrial design.



RUBIKA’s pedagogical model aims to balance cultural, artistic and technical education. These skills are the ones expected by recruiters. Throughout their training, students are challenged on individual and collective projects. This learning ensures students a rapid professionalization, forging their personal organization and collaborative work culture. To reach the level of the diploma, our students are faced with a heavy workload and a rigorous requirement.


RUBIKA bases its development on a network of active partnerships that gives the school its credibility. More than just partners, these companies are at the heart of pedagogy and are involved in the development of the school. This proximity makes possible to align the content of the programs with the needs of companies and to ensure that students have the best professional opportunities.

The School is a member of the CRGE (Conférence Régionale des Grandes Écoles), the SNJV (Syndicat National du Jeu Vidéo) and RECA (Réseau des Écoles Françaises de Cinéma d’Animation) networks and is identified as a major digital player by local institutions such as the CCI Hauts-de-France, la Serre Numérique and La Région Hauts-de-France.


The territorial anchoring of RUBIKA is fundamental. Contributing to economic and social development around our campuses is a great opportunity to build long lasting relationships with local actors. It is also a way to unite and raise awareness among our students about commitment and solidarity.


International expansion has always been a priority for RUBIKA and is a key element of our strategy. The school is part of various partnerships that can concern training, business relations, research or the opening of campuses in emerging countries (India, Kenya). This positioning is essential for the development of the school and gives students a new perspective of the world, giving a particular dimension to their cursus.


RUBIKA offers BAC + 5 training programs in the fields of 3D animation (Supinfocom), video games (Supinfogame) and industrial design (ISD). These programs follow the European Training Model (LMD) and offer two-step training:

0. The PREPARATORY CLASS (OPTIONAL) is a cultural and graphic upgrade. Students admitted are automatically registered in the RUBIKA examination and are consequently free to apply.

1. The BACHELOR aims to deepen the cultural and artistic fundamentals, the development of creative techniques and the mastery of computer tools. At the end of these three years, students hold a Bachelor (BAC + 3) with 180 ECTS credits.

2. The CYCLE EXPERT strengthens the students’ expertise and prepares them for professional integration into high-level companies. This expertise is validated by different internships from 2 to 6 months. At the end of the course, the student obtains a BAC + 5 diploma certified by the State at level 1 of the RNCP.