Discovery Stays

The 4-day Discovery Stays allow you to experience each of our course track (Industrial Design, Animation or Video Game) and to put yourself in a RUBIKA student’s shoes. These stays are intended for curious students from junior high or senior high school who are passionate about artistic creation, regardless of their level.


Day 1 : Design

  • Experimenting with creativity tools, in teams, in order to develop the ability to adapt, listen and share.
  • Brainstorming technique around the proposed theme
  • Storytelling development around a chosen concept
  • Sketching and rendering techniques discovery
  • Manual and graphic technical tools learning to formalize a model
  • Personalized assessment, exchanges with teachers on the work carried out

Day 2 : Animation

  • Presentation of the Animation track
  • Elaboration of a short animation project frame by frame, in teams of 4 to 5 participants
  • Creation of the storyboard, production of the elements to be animated and the set.
  • Installation of the stage and lighting
  • Shooting sequences with reflex, computer and stop-motion software
  • Exporting video to USB key

Day 3 : Video Game

  • Introduction to Game Design through board games
  • Base: Card game + game board + tokens
  • Installation of the game in a universe (reflection on the background, writing, awareness of graphic rendering)
  • Aim of the game definition
  • Introduction to the relationship between graphics and games
  • Work on shifting / movement
  • Work on confrontation / battle mode
  • Collaborative work
  • Assessment, exchange with teachers on the work done

Day 4 : Orientation

At the end of the 3 discovery days, participants will have to choose the field they wish to study in depth during this 4th day and will familiarize themselves with digital tools. Graphics tablets will be provided and will be returned at the end of the day.

ANIMATION (Working on graphics tablet)
Calibration and tool knowledge
Introduction to basic principles of animation
Learn to draw on a graphics tablet in a 2D animation software
Animation exercises realization
Export your animations in a video format and on a USB key

DESIGN (Working on graphics tablet)
Calibration and tool knowledge
Getting started with Photoshop
Introduction to rendering on Automotive / Running shoe… templates
Formatting: color application, patterns, textures and effects
Export in image format on USB key

GAME ART (Working on graphics tablet)
Calibration and tool knowledge
Getting started with Photoshop
Types of coloring
Application of silhouette processes
Introduction to speed painting
Export your animations in a video format and on a USB key

GAME DESIGN (Working on PC with Unity)
Discovery of the software and 3D engine
Understanding the logic of GameObject
Understanding the components
First scripts and interaction with the world
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➔ from 7 to 10 July 2020 (participants will be welcomed on 6 July from 4.30 p.m.)
➔ from 15 to 18 July 2020 (welcome of participants on 6 July from 4.30 pm)
Registration deadline: June 5, 2020



➔ Be in 3rd, 2nd or 1st during the academic year 2019-2020

Attention, the number of participants is limited!


Unique formula at 600€ including :
➔ 4 nights
➔ 12 meals
➔ Shuttles
➔ Bowling evening

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