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With over 5,000 graduates working worldwide, RUBIKA offers its students access to an exceptional professional network. The school organizes round-table discussions, where graduates come to present their professional background and answer students’ questions. Reception of trainees and sending of job offers are also proposed by graduates who are now recruiters. Finally, it is common for RUBIKA graduates to take part in end-of-study juries.

Our Missions :

➔ To develop relations between graduates and students
➔ Extending the reputation of Graduates among companies
➔ Connecting Graduates



Mathieu Cassagne
Promotion 2001
Lighting TD
Pixar Animations 🇺🇸

François-Xavier Goby
Promotion 2016
Nexus Production 🇬🇧

Florent Arnould
Promotion 2015
Animateur 3D
Sony Imageworks 🇨🇦

Léa Cousty
Promotion 2018
Storyboard Artist
Xilam Animation 🇫🇷

Geoffroy Collin
Promotion 2019
Lighting Artist
Mikros Animation 🇨🇦

Xavier Fabre
Promotion 2010
Riot Games 🇺🇸

Laura Courouble
Promotion 2010
Associate Producer
Ubisoft 🇫🇷

Arthur Guillot
Promotion 2011
Vehicle Artist
Compulsion Games🇺🇸

Stéphane Wantiez
Promotion 2015
Programmeur IA
Ubisoft Montreal 🇨🇦

Matthieu Thibault
Promotion 2011
Lead Game Designer
Starbreeze Studios 🇸🇪

Simon Defoort
Promotion 2009
Interior Designer
Volkswagen 🇩🇪

Julien Clement
Promotion 2011
Ducati Motor 🇮🇹

Ugo Spagnolo
Promotion 2011
Exterior Designer
DS Automobiles 🇫🇷

Timothée Seban
Promotion 2016
Designer Research
Jaguar Land Rover 🇬🇧

Marie-Océane Drzewicki
Promotion 2017
Color & Trim Designer
Toyota Motor Corp 🇧🇪

Romain Girard
Promotion 2002
Head of Innovation Design
Puma 🇩🇪

Thomas Murphy
Promotion 2005
Design Director
Adidas 🇻🇳

Aurélien Rouffiange
Promotion 2009
Senior Designer
Lego 🇩🇰

Willy Carteau
Promotion 2010
Senior Industrial Designer
Google 🇺🇸

Coralie Blootacker
Promotion 2013
Designer horlogerie
Chopard 🇨🇭

Pierre Hulot
Promotion 2007
Responsable Projets Numériques
Louis Vuitton 🇫🇷

Benoît Louzaouen
Promotion 2011
CAD Sculptor
Apple 🇺🇸

Gauthier Richard
Promotion 2012
Lab Manager
Nokia 🇺🇸

Coline Thibaut
Promotion 2013
CG Artist
Swatch group 🇨🇭

Lauriane Bensabbah
Promotion 2015
3D Designer
Vintech LLC 🇺🇸



« RUBIKA allowed me to explore all aspects of a 3D film production and brought me method, technique and know-how. »

Claire Brodelle (Promotion 2016)

3D Animator, Mac Guff Ligne

« Through its generalist approach, the school allowed me to discover the 3D professions in animation cinema and to choose the branch I liked the most: surfacing. »

Thibaut Wambre (Promotion 2018)

Set surfacing, Illumination Mac Guff

« Rubika trains some of the best French 3D artists because she teaches them how to learn. She made me grow in many ways. I gained a family! »

Léa Cousty (Promotion 2018)

Character designer, Team To (Paris)

« RUBIKA offers complete artistic and technical training to enter the demanding field of animation and digital special effects. »

Benoît Berthe (2013)

Founder & Curator, The Animation Showcase (London, Uk)

« RUBIKA familiarizes students with the expectations of the industry through numerous juries, practical projects and professional speakers ».

Caroline Bitterly (Promotion 2016)

Quest Designer, Guerilla Games 🇳🇱

« RUBIKA integrates into its curriculum all the aspects present in a video game production. »

Geoffroy Calis (Promotion 2016)

Lighting Artist, Dice 🇸🇪

« RUBIKA’s two greatest strengths are learning how to manage creative projects from start to finish, and its strong network of alumni and lecturers. »

Inès Robin (Promotion 2016)

Game Artist, Factory 42 🇬🇧

« RUBIKA allowed me to discover all the different jobs in the video game industry, so I knew which one suited me best. »

Florian Croquet (Promotion 2013)

Production Manager, Eisko 🇫🇷

« After 5 years of studying at Rubika, I’ve accumulated all the necessary skills to apply to the biggest design agencies on the market. »

Clara Rotsaert (Promotion 2016)

Senior 3D Modeler, Kiska 🇦🇹

« The richness of RUBIKA is very much due to the cross-projects between the different promotions, both from a human and professional point of view ».

Brice Benoît (Promotion 2008)

Lead Designer, Oxelo / Decathlon 🇫🇷

« Long projects carried out in partnership with industrialists make it possible to be quickly immersed in the reality of the market and to understand what a customer can expect. »

Corentin Bourret (Promotion 2016)

Co-founder & Creative Director, Simone 🇬🇧

« The permanent exchange around the projects allows us to enrich our skills in a fluid and intensive learning process […] which favors professional integration. »

Arik Schwarz (Promotion 2010)

Apparel Designer, Solognac 🇫🇷

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