Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Company is sensitive to the privacy of Internet users using and browsing the Site. It undertakes in this context to respect the legislation in force relating to personal data, i.e. the law relating to data processing, files and freedoms of 06/01/1970.

The purpose of this charter is to inform Internet users about the information concerning them that may be collected and the purposes of this collection.

The use and browsing of the Site by Internet users does not require the prior collection of information concerning them (for any questions relating to cookies, please refer to the following article).

However, the use of certain features or applications may require the transmission of personal data, such as newsletter subscriptions or the contact form. The Site may also reserve access to certain sections to Internet users registered with the Site as a user, a registration requiring the communication of personal data.

It is specified on this point that under no circumstances are the data of Internet users collected without obtaining the prior express authorisation of the Internet user of the opt-in type.

Below are listed for your information the forms and functionalities/applications that can collect the data of the Internet user upon authorization of the latter and the purpose pursued.

  • Contest registration form
  • Newsletter subscription form
  • Documentation request form
  • Contact form

It is specified that the Company is the sole recipient of the data collected..

The data collected and processed are hosted in France, and will under no circumstances be transmitted to a third country that does not have the adequate level of protection determined according to the applicable law without the prior authorization of the Internet user.

The Company takes all necessary measures to secure the data collected and processed in this way in order to guarantee their confidentiality, integrity and accuracy. These commitments are also made by any recipient of the data and any subcontractors who may be involved in data processing.

In compliance with the legislation in force, i.e. the Data Protection Act of 6/01/1978, each Internet user has access to the Company:

A right of communication and access: you can obtain communication of the data collected and processed about you
a right of rectification: if this information is inaccurate, you can demand that it be corrected, completed or deleted a right of opposition and deletion: you can demand at any time that your data be stopped processing and deleted.

These rights may be exercised by simple written request sent by email to or by writing to the Company at the contact details specified on the home page of the Site. The Company will make every effort to respond favourably to the exercise of these rights by Internet users within the framework defined by law.

In the presence of data relating to minors, these rights may be exercised by the minors’ legal representatives on their behalf.
Cookies used, your information and rights

In order to ensure optimal use and navigation of the Site, the Company uses Cookies for the following purposes only:

  • Display the Site in the language of your preference, and keep this information for future visits, if necessary.
  • ensure the proper functionality and display of all the services and content present on the Site
  • to compile statistical data relating in particular to audience, unique visits and traffic.

The Cookies we use are small text files identified by a unique number that are stored on your computer through your browser software. The information collected and processed by this file is anonymous and does not in any way identify the Internet user browsing the Site.

Aucune donnée personnelle n’est collectée ni traitée par l’intermédiaire de Cookie. Toute collecte de données personnelles sur le Site est réalisée exclusivement dans les conditions mentionnées au sein de l’article précédent « Charte protection vie privée ».

You have the possibility to configure your browser software in order, as the case may be, to generally oppose the affixing of cookies on your computer, to be alerted before any fixation in order to give or not give your consent, as well as to delete any agreement previously granted.

It should be noted that any refusal by Cookie may result in the loss of use of certain functionalities and/or services of the Site, or even in a non-optimal display of the contents present on the Site and a non-optimal navigation.

With regard to the constitution of statistical data, the Company uses Cookies from third party operators in order to analyse in a consolidated and anonymous manner the visits and browsing observed and thus identify any points of optimisation of the Site.

They thus make it possible to obtain for analysis purposes, to the exclusion of any data identifying an Internet user: the address of your access provider, the browser software you use (e.g. Explorer or Safari), the time and duration of your visit, the pages you have visited.

These Cookies are those developed under Google Analytics, excluding any personal data.

For more information on these Cookies we invite you to read the explanations issued by the operator Google at the following address: