A RUBIKA Indian student draws the cars of the future during his internship in Beauvais.

Suraj Kamate is an Indian student of RUBIKA, currently doing an internship in Beauvais at the tractor manufacturer AGCO. Passionate about car design, he also designs futuristic cars.

From Karnataka (South India) to Beauvais

Suraj Kamate, 23, is from Karnataka, a Southwest Indian state, located on the Arabian Sea and famous for its capital Bangalore. Passionate about cars and design from a young age, Suraj holds a degree in automotive engineering.

Determined to one day achieve his dream of becoming an automotive designer, Suraj joined « Rubika » Industrial Design track where he is studying for a master’s degree in « Transport Design ». A French school which -if it has a campus in Pune, India- has its historic premises in Valenciennes in the Hauts-de-France


Student in industrial design

After two years of study in India, it is through an educational bridge that the young Indian arrived in France one year ago for an educational visit that should last 3 years.

After his stay in Valenciennes, the young man discovered Beauvais, where he is doing a 5-month internship from September to January in the AGCO agricultural equipment design and distribution company, known worldwide for producing Massey-Ferguson brand tractors.


Internship at ACGO

He currently works in the company’s automotive design department: « I work as an interior architect to develop the current and near future design of the products. I am supervised by Fabrice Ferri who is the main designer for Massey Ferguson ».

Suraj describes an « enriching experience » at AGCO where he was able to work on a theoretical project concerning mobility and agriculture mobility in relation to the products developed by the company: « This internship helps me to develop my skills in terms of thinking and visual communication


Completely futuristic concept cars

In his spare time, Suraj shares some of his personal projects on social networks, including many completely futuristic looking vehicle designs. At the age of 23, the Indian student is already author of many concept car sketches, innovatively designed experimental cars that look like they are straight out of a science fiction movie. Yet they are cars designed to be viable and therefore potentially produced one day.


What will tomorrow’s car look like?

For Suraj, in spite of the ecological problems they pose, cars will still exist tomorrow but they will be referred to under another name, « new generation vehicles that are environmentally friendly » and allow « to move on a larger scale ».

What does he think of Beauvais?

Since his arrival, Suraj explains « spending his weekends visiting historical sites of Beauvais »: « The St-Pierre cathedral is one of the most emblematic I have visited ». He is also very fond of the center: « I love being there, I appreciate the architectural balance between the modern and historical parts ». And evokes « enriching exchanges » with people from Beauvais.

To discover Suraj’s different concept cars, go to his Instagram account: fly_by.